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  • What kind of visits do you offer?
    All in all, I offer more than 30 different tours. My aim is to show Brussels in all its diversity. Thus, I guide in different parts of the city and I talyk about different subjects: Architectur, Art, History, Politics, the Brussels of the past and the Brussels of today. I am happy to send a list with all tours.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Good news! We walk even if it rains!
  • What can I expect from a walk with you?
    Watch the clip...
  • How do I book a tour with you?
    Please send me an email:
  • How do I get the book?
    You can order via email or my online store. Or you buy from one of the following bookstores: Gutenberg Buchhandlung in Stokkel Librebook in Ixelles CIVA Bookshop in Ixelles Passa Porta in the City Centre
  • How expensive is a guided walk?
    Prices depend on group size and duration. For small groups under 10 participants special rates apply. In general, I charge not more than other quality agencies in Brussels, i.e. organisations that pay taxes.
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